A Wave of Grace—awakening the healing movement 5776 (part 1)

Prophetic Word (5776)

This grace that is coming and is here already is accessible only through hunger and boldness in holiness. This shift and grace is actually an apostolic healing movement. This is the restoration movement that is really needed for the hour.  This is a complete restoration for creative miracles, terminal diseases, and congenital diseases.

Let us sound the trumpet! The Kingdom of Heaven is here! This Apostolic Grace is here! We must not only be embracing it in high expectation, for it to flourish, but we must also exercise it daily—every chance we get. In order for this new gift to be realized we must learn the principles of the release. You won’t know until you try it out, especially with unbelievers outside of a congregation.

Forgiveness is the main ingredient to all types of healing

If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained.” John 20:23

Jesus said that those whom we forgive and release their sins are those whom He will also release. Just like the woman caught in adultery.John 8:1-11 “When Jesus had raised Himself up and saw no one but the woman, He said to her, ‘Woman, where are those accusers of yours? Has no one condemned you?” She said, ‘No one, Lord.‘ And Jesus said to her, ‘Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.'” In other words we are the Body of Christ here on earth. We exercise His authority of forgiving sins. If we cannot than we are not a son of man, nor sons of God. “But that you may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins—He said to the man who was paralyzed, “I say to you, arise, take up your bed, and go to your house.”-Luke 5:24 (see also Mark 2:10, Matthew 9:6 ) God has chosen the foolishness of this world to confound the wise. This foolishness is the power of God!1 Corinthians 1:18 We must release forgiveness in order for us to truly be the salt of the earth. Salt was used to preserve, not to destroy! The world around us to experiences God’s forgiveness through us—the Light of the World.

Ambassadors of heaven

We are as ambassadors from heaven to the lost. Ambassadors are the direct representative of their nation everywhere. Remember we are citizens of heaven and we must represent the culture of heaven to those who are of this world that they would want to be naturalized (spiritually born) into our kingdom. In order to release heaven here on earth we must be light. How do you think heaven invades earth? By arguing, blaming, and condemning the world of their sins? Absolutely not! Sinners will sin and find more ways to sin.  Our job is to save the lost by loving on them like God did, that “He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”John 3:16  We must love them to the point of forgiveness.  Forgiveness is the key in the year of the release.

Forgive in order to receive forgiveness

Let us focus in this year (5776) of Jubilee in releasing the sins of the nations. Let us release the sins of our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and all extended family members. It is commanded of us to forgive in order to receive forgiveness. “But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”Matt 6:15 The enemy does not want us to grasp this key.  This is very important for us, in order to access this Wave of Grace which is—a healing movement.   Healing and forgiveness are inseparable, they are in fact congruent.  They need each other in order to function, manifest or exist. We are Christians that’s what we do–we forgive people of their trespasses like Jesus did. “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”Luke 23:34

Sinners and outcasts loved hanging out with Jesus so much, because He forgave them and they felt clean and felt accepted in His presence. Let us forgive those we want Jesus to touch. It’s time to forgive! It’s time to forgive Obama. Yes, even him! It’s time to forgive both political parties for failing us. It’s time to forgive the homosexuals, and their so called “gay rights agendas.” Yes! Even them! It’s also time to forgive those who murdered countless number of babies while in the womb since the 70’s.  My prayer is that we win all of them to the Lord, and that they would be mass salvations of liars, homosexuals, murders, etc., all over the world.  This is how the justice of the Lord is released!


Kings and Priests

“And He has made us kings and priests to our God;And we shall reign on the earth.” Rev 5:10

If we claim to be kings and priest and have authority then how do you think we exercise that authority? It’s not only during war that power and authority is exercised. We are the Salt and Light of the earth now. We are the Authority and Power of God on the earth as sons of God. We have the authority to release judgment or mercy. Our God is a god of mercy and grace. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. Matt 7:2 His prayer for us is to bring in as many as we can into the Kingdom before He renders His final judgment. Allow Holy Spirit to do what He came to do;   and when He has come, He will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment: of sin, because they do not believe in Me; John 16:8   Their sin will be because they did not believe in Him. In the end the Lord will Judge all.

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another. John 13:34-35

The Bride of Christ exercising forgiveness is what will bring us into the perfect alignment. The way we win the fight, against powers acting through our enemies’ flesh and blood is when we forgive flesh and blood—people. We change the equations on our enemies. We surprise them with kindness, goodness and mercy. We start praying for them we will see change, transformation and reformation.

Ultimately we must follow Jesus! In order for us to fully awaken this Giant, we must begin to heal those in need of healing.  We must begin to heal and forgive the sins of those who cannot receive forgiveness any other way, but the cross of Christ.

(excerpt from Part 2 below)

We must also release the debt of those who have indebted us in order for us to fully experience the year of Jubilee. We must take the time and moment to find those who are lodged in our hearts and let them go.

A Mighty Release! Grace! Grace! Grace!

 A Time of Great Grace

It’s restoration time.  This is a new season, a season of completion, a season of new beginnings.  It’s a time of renaissance and discovery of new spiritual frontiers.  It’s a time of healing.  It’s now time to push the envelope and ride to the edge of space, no longer afraid of the unknown but a time for the brave ones to travel and discover new places in Christ!

When comes a partition or a polarization, there will also be a gathering together for unity.  The pendulum is swinging back!  It is a time of great grace being released by the Father.  All the wheels are turning and positioning themselves for alignment even as you are reading this. This is the season for alignments and the setting up for a major release. Indeed, it has been a long year of rest and much waiting. It has been a season of the vortex, and it shall continue to be as such where we are to continue receiving instructions from on high and begin to pray for the implementation and execution.

It has been also a season of crossing, baptism and metamorphosis; a season of completion and a beginning of the season of crescendos.  Now that we have crossed, it’s time to execute! It’s time to apply and implement what has been revealed in the last season.


What happened to my blessing Lord? 

Are you wondering why you haven’t seen an awakening yet and a full reversal of the things many prophets have spoken since the beginning of the season (5775) and the year (2015)?  Don’t worry!  It’s coming hard and fast (5776)! You might also be asking questions like, “Should I trust in the “Doom and Gloom” prophetic words or those that are of the “Blessing” prophetic voices?

Consider when a hurricane or a tropical storm is a far off some say, “It will bring destruction” (which may be so), but others will say, “It will bring the needed rain to make up for the drought” (that could also be possible).  Perhaps, the question we should be asking isn’t whether we believe one more than the other, instead we should be asking a different question.   Remember, Jesus prophesied many opposing paradigms but yet prophesying from the same Spirit.  One prophetic word would entail the many good things we are doing while another would speak with a warning of what would happen if we continued on the sinful path without correction.

The important question that we might want to ask now is, “where are we positioned?” Are we living in the gray?  If so then, we need to correct our deficiencies and move into the blue (light). We must be positioned in the safest place we could ever be and that is in the Promised Land—Christ Himself—in Him we are protected. He is our Goshen.

Some say that only the sovereign intervention of the Lord will cause a great awakening. Others claim that we must push, pray and contend to receive this awakening and God is waiting on us to make a move. Which one is correct? It’s another opposing paradigm. They are both correct. The Lord does nothing unless He first reveals it to His Prophets and then they release His Words. The Lord has already prepared those who He has called for this time, even before the ages of time.

A great awakening is released by the timing, power, and authority of the General–Holy Spirit. He is the One Who initiates all things, and also touches those who will respond to His call from deep within. Each person, individually, must accept responsibility for their positioning as a leader and as a Saint. We must set ourselves on fire with hunger, intimacy, and holy pursuit of His Presence.

His eyes have been searching throughout the earth for those who would accept their own awakening in order to awaken others. This election of men is in process and is already complete. The Lord is looking for over-comers, the new wine-skin. He is looking for those who are willing to be humbled, and those that have overcome the world and its lusts.

Most of all, prophetic people are sensing, we have been on the verge and tipping point for a new threshold. A great visitation for a breaking out of an awakening is at hand. Some are saying that we have not crossed. Others say that we have.  This whole year has been a year of crossing the threshold of the Jordan. This prophetic year has been a year of the arising Joshua leaders taking us through this crossing.


One thing that the Lord highlighted to me is:  Right now it is not the time to fear, but to rise and conquer as sons of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. We have crossed the Jordan and we are no longer fighting for the land of our inheritance. We have arrived, but we must fight in order to remain. We are living in the days of Joshuas arising.  The leaders like Joshua will understand the requirement to remain at least 2000 cubits (or .56 mile) behind the Ark of the Covenant, or in other terms, behind the leading of the presence of the Lord.Joshua 3 The Lord must remain at the forefront of the journey, especially because we have never been in this way before.


One good reason in mind for this is it is necessary to allow the Lord to remove our obstacles in front of us, so that the enemies’ hearts will melt within them and they will no longer have the courage to confront us in battle. God is calling all fearless leaders to stand up, and stand back before His Presence.


This is a time of restoration, a time of rebuilding, and time of recovering that which was once in the possession of our forefathers. The season that we are now in is critical, because the pendulum shifted so much to the left these last seven years, that potential momentum stored will cause it to swing equally to the far right.


It’s the time to choose with the Spirit, who our leaders will be–those who represent the cross of Christ at the forefront of each decision they make; leaders who will not fear to name the Name of Jesus above all other names. This is because they understand our place in this world. Listen to the leaders who are original sounds and not just repeating things like an echo!  These have a history with God, and a track record for taking a stand for extremely conservative issues. They must also show that they have a consistent prayer life, as well as a passion for the presence of God and all people.


So which is it, warning or blessings? They are both correct because the Spirit bears witness to both. The interpretation of our timing may not be as accurate as we would like, but we are surely nearing great times of convergence. These prophetic words from both camps are both emanating expressions of God’s voice. We just have to remember that they may not be for the same audience, though one will help the other reach its destiny. We, as members of the Bride of Christ must be consumed by fire to be brought from the gray areas and into the light.

What is This Gray I Keep Talking About? 

During the month of April, the Lord had given me a “word of knowledge” regarding the state of the condition of America.  If we were watching a movie of what was going on in America during and leading up to that month, we would have noticed the clear manifestation of several ideological strongholds in America by looking at one word—”Gray” (or grey as spelled in different countries).  What I saw was, that for each gray area in our moral values or distortions as a nation, there was a play on words and a pun with the message of what we needed deliverance from collectively.  Though I’ve come across only a handful of these clues, I’m pretty sure that there are more, if we took the time to research.  Here is what I am talking about: “Fifty Shades of Gray” (Sexual perversions and debasing women); Gray-A as in sexual orientation; Dorian Gray (Silent homosexuality); Adam Gray water bill (drought in California); Gray matter found after abortion; the Gray hair trends (granny hair); Jorg Gray Watch, and who wears it?; Freddie Gray and Baltimore (Violence and Rebellion against authority).  These are all manifestations of the spirit of gray.

We cannot stand in the gray area and expect the world to change by itself. The Lord has used many present conditions and circumstances on the earth right now to partition the sons of God where they should be—setting us apart from the lusts of this world. There has to be a differentiation between good and evil, light and darkness. We must be the carrier of the flames of His Love to the lost and ever sinful world.

The governments of the world will continue to seek their one-world agenda, as it always has been, however, that was never a surprise. That is why we had Babel, which was a union founded upon witchcraft, i.e. a rebellion against the authority of our Creator.  Our union on the other hand is for the fellowship with the Father and the restorations of all things in Christ.


The Present Times

I am very excited (and so is the great cloud of witnesses above) for the convergence of world events which are happening in our lifetime. This is the time that we, the true Church—the Bride—must increase our prayers with fervent urgency, intensity and frequency. We must begin to take our roles as priests and kings according to the calling of our Father’s business, and not be so preoccupied with the earthly or worldly business.

These are like the times when Joseph was released from prison to solve the issues of the world. In times of great distress, the Lord has given us Josephs who will keep us fed during the times of famine, because we began to prepare in the times of gain. I really do believe that these next eight years will be some of the best years of our lives. These times will be the times that those who have overcome and completed their Gilgal experiences, will begin to arise from the prisons in which our accusers had placed us.  We are to remember that the purpose of the time served was as a circumcision towards reigning in the palace.

The Lord is calling His Bride to awaken from a slumber. He is calling her to align with her destiny, the path which He has predestined for her to take. Let the wise virgins buy oil for the coming darkness. Let them prepare for it in the company of other wise ones who are waiting patiently for the bride groom.  He shall come like a thief in the night. He will come like a mighty rushing wind. He will come as a triumphant King, as well as a Judge to those who were not faithful.


What is About to be Released Now?

All I can see right now is a “dam of justice” full of blessings—for the saints who have been tested and faithful—ready to burst in a mighty release. Some things do not just require contending, prayer and fasting of the saints, but also the timing of seasons and alignments, in order for things to happen according to His purposes. “Present your case [again],” says the Lord. “Bring forth your strong reasons,” says King of Jacob. Isa 41:21


This picture of the Dam, that I keep seeing, is one that is about to break real soon. All the fullness of time from the last 50 years, held up until now. All the fullness of injustices including especially blood of the unborn that has been crying out to God for justice! Enough is enough!  It is a major reversal and release of blessings or jubilee.  So many people tried, contended for the selling of their properties, their investing into their new business, and attempting to remove all their debts for a fresh new start, but nothing substantial could work.  Until now! Why? Because it was not time yet! Earlier this year we saw it ahead of time, but could not attain it until the Lord rose up in our defense.  He is now rising in our defense. We must rise up also, if we are truly in Him.


The Reports and The Messages

We will not let the report of the unbelievers (the eight out of ten spies) sway a generation to death in the wilderness without seeing our promises fulfilled. We are not going to wait another 50 years to see the fulfillment of the next shift in the maturing of the Bride.  We must take responsibility to accept authority for advancement.

The doom and gloom messages are not necessarily against God’s pattern; they are in fact appropriate at times, especially when they don’t stir fear amongst the believers, but in the world. As in Jonah 3:5; So the people of Nineveh believed God, and proclaimed a fast, and put on sackcloth, from the greatest of them even to the least of them.  Although, there is a lack of the fear of the Lord in the world and God’s people, a great visitation can change that quickly.

The truth is, America has backslidden and needs to return to Jesus. We must first honestly admit it and then are able to repent in order to reverse course.  I’m not advocating that we need to create fear, in order to release the urgency of the message at hand.  Yes, I have had dreams of darkness, war, and all the doom and gloom stuff. The Lord Himself knows!

When have we not been at war with the enemy? As a matter of biblical truth, the intensification of evil in the world is a sure thing.  The glorification and the rising of true sons of God is a sure thing, as well.   The key is, knowing the audience and what to share to the people in order not to stir fear, but to encourage the hope that can bring reformation. If there is someone who is sharing a warning type prophetic word allow them to do so (Jesus did many times, especially in the book of Revelation), especially if it’s of the Lord.  Just test the spirit behind the words and use discernment as well as Godly wisdom.

It’s time for the baton to be passed to the next generation. Transition is key to momentum.


Find A Key Action in Every Season

There is a key action in every season designed to release and open the door to the blessing for that season. One action that always breaks through, no matter the season, is worship. “Baal-perazim”, it means that “The Lord has broken through my enemies before me like the breakthrough of waters.”2 Sam 5:20 It’s time to attack! We are in the offensive posture with our enemies in this hour. We must attack with the weapon of the Promised Land—Rest, Worship, Unity, Repentance and Remembrance, Joy, Wisdom, Love, Holiness, etc…

During worship is where we receive timeless revelations of His beauty and strategies for the hour. A church that understands and practices encountering Him knows the Presence of God, and can then execute divine instructions afterwards. The General is calling all churches to abide in worship. Worship will be emphasized more and more! It’s time we become a body with corresponding actions that produce authentic fruits of justice into our communities. It’s time that after we meet with the Lord in worship encounters. we do and accomplish what is asked of by the Father. I believe that’s why we see “power and might” at the end of Revelation 7:12. He empowers us with power and authority as ambassadors to accomplish His commands.

In order for the greatest awakening to be realized, the one that would never end, the saints have to be “normalized” (functioning in the fullness of the supernatural). In order for that to happen, the religious leaders must learn to let go. The saints must learn that preaching in front of a church is not the only goal, nor is it the only place of success while [gospeling]. Living a life daily expressing the fullness of the gospel is!

There are so many folks in need of “Sozo” all over the world, there is no need to run after the ones in the church buildings. Go! Go into the World and preach the gospel with signs following. Shift your frustration from not being allowed to preach in a pulpit, to focusing on how; “I will lead the unsaved to the Lord; “I’ll preach to them”; “I’ll heal them”; “I’ll deliver them from all kinds of sickness and diseases in Jesus’ Name.” Why ask Him to do something He’s already commanded you to do? You feed them, you heal them, you deliver them…are you not seated with Him in the heavenly places?  Is not the same Spirit which raised Jesus from the dead living inside of you? If you don’t know how to do it, just ask the One Who’s living inside to show you!




Come Out From Among Them!

Fear not, it’s a time of restoration. It is one of the best times in our lifetime. It’s a time of great opportunity for the Kingdom and awakenings. What we almost had in 2007 we will have now. It is our time to choose righteous leaders to represent a body of righteous people. The pendulum is swinging back to a time of restoration, grace and mercy.

Mercy triumphs over judgment for those with an obedient and contrite heart. The Lord loves those who are willing to obey him now, rather than having to sacrifice later. I urge and encourage everyone reading this to take heed of their position in the body of Christ and their alignment in this timeline and in the will of God. I urge you to take responsibility over what is coming to us in the next season. We must choose this day to leave the gray area and enter in the blue flame of Holiness of the Lord. “Come out from among them,” says the Lord.

Let us not repeat the same mistakes we had made eight years ago with our silence and our decisions made by our emotions or intellect.  Let us choose our leaders according to the principles of the Lord. Let us not choose based on public polls, which are driven by the self-same media that influenced us in times past to achieve their worldly agenda. They would much rather have imposters in the White House than the real-deal Christian. Let us be like Jesus and look at the heart.

If we haven’t yet learned how to discern between good and evil, it might seem safe to be in the middle, but it’s not. It might seem right to be neutral, but it’s not. We must begin moving over towards the right side of the spectrum in order to shift the balance to the restoration state. I, personally, hold everyone reading this accountable for the decisions and the state of the nation. We must accept responsibility in order for us to receive authority.


Fear Not! Be Hungry and Bold!

Another thing that we need to do is, we need to stop fearing and just ask the Lord to give us boldness.  Boldness only comes to those who are hungry and the ones who are pursuing holiness violently. Obedience to the Word of God gives us boldness. We must be the people of the Word and must stand on the Word at all cost. We are praying that we would change the world, but when the conditions and opportunities arise that we may be able to do so, we are only complaining. Are we going to cower behind some false humility? Whatever it takes to stand, we must stand.  We must gird up our loins, put on our clothes, get up and follow Jesus.


We must arise, unite, and submit ourselves to stand behind the leaders that God has chosen to act as the courageous Joshuas of this Generation.  Of course it won’t be easy; otherwise it won’t be making history.  We were born for these times. We were born in this timeline and generation to defend the nation from domestic attacks as well as foreign.


The house has been infiltrated.  The enemy is laughing at the backslidden state of America. Fear not, because once backslidden, her return will cause a swing of the pendulum so far to the right that it will all be worth the struggles endured.

We actually have an opportunity to make a difference here people.  We have an opportunity to even overturn Roe vs. Wade—if we unite and pursuit it.  We have an opportunity to return the sanctity of marriage back to one woman and one man.  We have the opportunity to return a nation under peaceful, God-fearing leaders.


Fear not! Be courageous and stand on the Word.  For those who are living under the shadow of His wings surely nothing will come near them.


Let’s not say, “Let the politicians do their jobs.”  We, the people, are the ones who choose the direction of this country.  A holy indignation must arise from deep within each and every one of us—that needs to scream—“No!” Enough of the secularization of this nation!  That agenda started way back, way back when we lost our first war and the blood of the unborn began to be spilled.


The enemy noticed that the only way to get this nation to its knees was to attack it using principles and tactics against our biblical foundations; by attacking us from within, the same way the Israelites were attacked.  Nevertheless, the Lord had planned and prepared a remnant that would not bow the knee to the idols of America.  He positioned us, like Daniels and Josephs, in many strategic areas.  Now, Lord, look on their threats, and grant to Your servants that with all boldness they may speak Your word, by stretching out Your hand to heal, and that signs and wonders may be done through the name of Your holy Servant Jesus.” And when they had prayed, the place where they were assembled together was shaken; and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they spoke the word of God with boldness. Acts 4:29



Defend Israel at all cost

We must continue to press forward and stand like a brother with the nation of Israel.  We must defend them like never before, because as time continues to pass into the future, it may well become much costlier to everyone if we don’t!

The Bride of Christ and the parallel relationship between it and Israel are congruent. We must stand up for Israel and our leaders need to be avid supporters, also.  The nation of Israel faces world-wide scrutiny and is under attack even in this hour.  We must unite in prayer and the election of leaders who will unequivocally support Israel till the end.  This is what the blood moons are pointing to. Protect Israel at all cost.

Refiner Fire

For those who did not pass your crucible exam from this previous season, just remember Gilgal is a place of the wheel and it’s encountered in circular manner—you will return there soon until you pass. We must all be refined in order to be a people who can bring forth high quality fruit.


Our society has given a lot of the responsibility of proselytizing to ministers and leaders, who seem to have passed much of that onto their congregations, making it appear as if many leaders just can’t be bothered with it anymore. It is no longer like it was, when they were young and on fire without a building program or mortgage to worry about. We must all work together as a team in order to be a successful organism. We must begin to live a life that is so on fire that we are unable to differentiate between those who just got saved and those who’ve been around for 20 years, or longer. We must remain constant and unwavering, like a long distance runner. We must maintain hope, faith!

Let’s not create hype and pretend to be anything special while ministering—Jesus was natural.  Let us just release the supernatural the way Jesus showed us. Orphans often try to impress, in order to prove something, but sons already know they’re accepted, so they tend to act naturally-supernatural without bringing attention to themselves. They don’t care if revival or a move started with them or not. In the body of Christ including the great cloud of witness, they see it as it actually began with Jesus, then it was passed onto them first.  We are only building up from others work. Now, we are just receiving the baton of honor from those who came before us. The best and the fastest racers are placed at the end. The best wine is saved for last, but in order to successfully catch and hold the baton we must honor those that came before us. We must forgive their failures.

We must begin to uproot the weeds and remove the leaven that has grown alongside intermingled with our character. It is important that we forsake evil attitudes inclined towards receiving invitations, fame, money, streams, and denominations. This religious foundation if allowed to survive will soon grow out-of-control until the next generation comes rapidly ahead of us (trying to fix it) and then we’ll be afraid to allow them to be a spearhead for the next, because we think we will lose everything that we have built or thought of. Don’t worry; the Lord has already worked it out!  For some it will be as either you go to sleep, or someone else picks up the baton for you, while for others it’ll just be a simple removal or a de-commissioning.

Most foundational leaders will begin to see what is really happening when the hammer begins to strike at their core DNA. Sometimes, you just have to let go; you’ve had your time. It will be much more painful to attempt to hang on to something that really you’ve already lost. Should I remind you of King Saul? Obedience is better than sacrifice, even when you believe that your face, your fame, your ego, your character depends on it. Let it all go! Let the Lord transform you, if He hasn’t already during this past season.


The Near Future

Throughout the years many people have been using the word shift to signify major changes in the spirit. I believe that in this next season if we are going to continue to use this word, now would be the optimal time, and that it will express a perfect meaning. We are literally shifting into something new.  A new apostolic grace is at hand. Great Grace is being poured forth in this hour.

Everyone wants to know what this next season will hold.  It’s a year of great grace.  It’s a year that our leaders will need amazing grace.  The enemy doesn’t want to leave its position of influence and will try to do everything in its power to remain.  We, the people, must rally and unify ourselves under the cross and through one leader who will represent our beliefs. If we are in expectation of a revival in the nation then we must expect the leaders of this nation to represent the cross.

We are at a crucial place in our generation where we must first stand up and then take what is ours with violence and no holding back. Eight years later when we will be looking back, we will be the ones who should have taken the responsibility.  Choose not an echo, but the original sound.

This year will be a year that the shakings will show how truly the foundations of the United States were laid out.  We will see it naked.  We will surely see it before it is clothed back up again.

This year coming is one of major innovations and great opportunities.  Although this could be the best eight years of our lives, it surely will not be the easiest.  It could be some of the most demanding for our leaders. Major events such as never experienced in our lifetime will require much, even from great and holy leaders.  Our patience, dedication, and self-determination in order to see problems solved, will be vitally important.

We are in need of those who have the breaker anointing. Those who lead with a breaker anointing are being called forth to the frontlines now. Arise Warriors!

Prayer and worship must be brought back to the forefront as the Ark of the Covenant. The Presence of God and our encounters with the Lord must be at the head of the spear. This is how we can cause the descent of heavenly truth and strategies to this earth.

There is a river of power that is flowing into the body of Christ right now…We must catch the current and dive in head first!  This wave of Glory is only increasing in power and might. A mighty Grace upon Grace is being released to us now.




Preaching the gospel

We have professionalized preaching the gospel as thought it could be a field we can just elect to take classes on or credits in order for us to pretend we are qualified to do it (you are automatically qualified the moment you received Christ in your heart by faith). It’s the same thing that happened when Constantinople legalized Christianity and folks thought that they were automatically followers of Christ if they were Roman citizens or acquired citizenship. The kingdom never worked that way! The kingdom functions by faith. Jesus is the only one who gives you as a gift to the church–either as an apostle, prophet, pastor, evangelist, pastor and teacher. All saints have Jesus anointing to do miracles, signs wonders, heal, prophesy etc…that is just normal part of being a follower of Jesus. You don’t need to categorize yourself in being part of the fivefold to do something in the kingdom. That’s a lie! In order for the greatest awakening to be realized, the one that would never end, the saints have to be normalized (functioning in the fullness of the supernatural). In order for that to happen the religious leader must learn to let go. The saints must learn that preaching in front of a church is not the goal or the place of success while [gospeling]. Living a life expressing the fullness of the gospel does. There are so many folks in need of Sozo all over the world there is no need to run after the ones in the church buildings. Go! Go into the World and preach the gospel with signs following. Shift your frustration from not being let to preach inside a congregation to I’m focusing on leading unsaved to the Lord…I’ll preach to them. I’ll heal them. I’ll deliver them from all kinds of sickness and diseases in Jesus Name. Why ask Him to do something He already commanded you to do? You feed them, you heal them, you deliver them…are you not seated with Him in the heavenly places. Is not the Spirit which raised Jesus from the dead living inside of you? If you don’t know how to just ask the one living inside to show you.

Alignment for Awakening!

What I am realizing is the final deliberation of the divine court system in heaven is happening right now. Justice for the increments of the last 7 years of sevens which is 49. It doesn’t all have to do with the United States my friends. Many will begin to receive their breakthrough, but we must pray and contend starting from 08 August till 12 September 2015, then comes Jubilee. The finances are already being poured out for those who are pulling and creating a demand in the Kingdom.  The final verdict will surprise many! Now is the time to pray for divine Justice for your cases. The things you have not seen even budge in the last 7 years or more is about to be shaken, dismantled and move favoring the Kingdom.

The soul must be tamed in order to receive more of Him!

God simply wants His Bride to come out from among them. He wants a pure bride that is out of the gray and into the blue. A pure and spotless bride–one who calls herself holy because she knows she is the rib of Christ. Separation precedes holiness. The wheat must be separated from the tares before the fire. The fire burns! God is a consuming fire. Our souls must be tamed like a wild horse in a pit until submission to His will and Spirit. Then and only then the horse will be trample under your feet and produce grain from which others can be fed from. A place of storage of wheat to release the bread of life–which is Jesus the Word of God.


Meanwhile, the General will begin to emphasize more on The spirit of discernment in this season; to to a falling away and confusions from those who did not choose the way the Lord, but of Cain, Balaam, Nicolaitans and Jezebel–things the Lord hates. Worship will be emphasized also to the point of offense in order to restore the presence of the Lord in the forefront.
A cleansing fire is in the process of purging the Americas once again in all aspect of influence to include the political arena. The Lord has raised up those with the conviction, courage and fortitude to stand in the face of fear and roar with the authority of the Son. The investment that was poured in the Americas in the form of blood, prayers and service will not go to waste. Rest assure that the cloud of witness above foresaw and foreknew by the grace of God these present circumstances of the Gray.

A holy Pattern

The design of our government was from a holy pattern and not earthly one. Although, our attempts to accept everyone’s liberty of religious views allowed the misunderstandings and confusions. This was a double edge sword attempting to protect government from imposing religious views on the people. Although never fully expressed the understanding was not that of a different religion from Christianity, but the Fathers understood the progressive restoration of truth, and wanted to make sure no one denomination( Christianity) was selected to represent the people (as in their case fled from religious oppression). It was always understood that our government and its Judeo-Christian principle formed the conscious of the people and the heart of the Land. It is and have always been expressed in all of our national expressions. We are a government under the authority of the supreme God from Whom our authority is derived. Even our National monuments, National Anthem, National pledge of allegiance are from the Father of Lights.


Our most successful moments are moments to remain the lowest
The pride of our own successes and self realization exposed us to begin to rely upon our humanistic and democratic way of thinking. We the people became an idol placed in front of the One who gave us our rights to exist as “we the people.” We must be “we the people under God” once more in order for a righteous pursuit of happiness is restored. Not all happiness is considered beneficial for the good–especially for those under the shadow of evil influence. Their happiness is the annihilation of their brother as Cain did with Abel. The pursuit of happiness under the influence of God brings forth true purpose and destiny to the whole world.

Spirit of Elijah

We now stand at another crossroad and convergent point where those who were born to stand must stand. Those who were born with the right pedigree to be fearless in the face of evil will stand and return this great Nation back to its roots. Just like the prodigal son–in his realization that he doesn’t have to eat with pigs, but as he returns to the Fathers house he will be restored by the Father. This is the spirit of Elijah. Fathers are arising today in the spirit and power of Elijah returning the sons back to the house. The Love of God is what that will restore and heal all rejections and rebellious spirit. The Father is calling America his prodigal son back under the covering of the almighty. We must stand and contend that America made itself fatherless because it left the house of the father and not because the Father had abandoned it. Self realization, Repentance, humility and a returning to the Father comes prior to Healing and revival of the hearts. It’s time to say enough! Enough play in the mud. We have been deceived as a people under the guise of independence, when true freedom is to be under complete dependence.

This time all is aligned to be awakened!

[to be continued]

Rev 7:9-12
After these things I looked, and behold, a great multitude which no one could number, of all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, with palm branches in their hands, and crying out with a loud voice, saying, “Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!” All the angels stood around the throne and the elders and the four living creatures, and fell on their faces before the throne and worshiped God, saying:
“Amen! Blessing and glory and wisdom,
Thanksgiving and honor and power and might,
Be to our God forever and ever.


I remember several months ago at the beginning of February 2015, I had several dreams revealing how the body of Christ was at war. I was grieved and didn’t know how to interpret this frustration and how I was supposed to make a difference.  After speaking to my spiritual papa, his counsel gave me wisdom and peace; he told me that we should be a people that resonate peace and not stir any fear, and that I would find a way to express myself to which I could bring hope and encouragement to the body of Christ–because I was that kind of person.  During this time I had received many more downloads from the Lord through dreams and impressions. I began to write. Today, many people have received comfort from the words written.

We have found ourselves in a collision course.  We are converging to a position of rebirth.  The are wonders even in the heavens screaming at us. They are telling us what time is on the clock. They are saying look upon us and focus on us and you will know.  When all the things seemed to be lost and going crazy in your life and nation. Look up! Look toward God who created the heavens, even light years ahead.  “Your help comes from Me” –says the Lord. He knew even before the ages of time, the days we are living in today.

Many are grieved, saddened, and confused.  I am here to tell you that these are the perfect conditions for the Lord to actually intervene in the affairs of men. What do you actually think is an awakening? Awakened from what? Who initiates the awakening? Us? I don’t think so (Although, He awakens those who will begin to travail, contend and pray for all to be ushered in).  The times when Holy Spirit was supposed to rush in like a mighty rushing wind was already predestined and preordained even before they existed; but they still had to wait, their hunger and love for their God still had to stir the heart of God Himself Who initiated it all. We love Him because He loved us first. We fervently pray what He has given us to pray. All has to align and converge as predestined, but we also have a part in co-laboring with Him.

In my previous articles, I have been talking about a major restructuring, transformation, and metamorphosis of the church in a way that doesn’t happen on a normal occasion.  I have been screaming from the rooftop that we have just crossed the Jordan with either Joshua or Elisha.  I had explained that this was good, but it won’t be easy.  We would have to fight the enemy in hand to hand combat.

The wilderness is a place of an internal conquest.  A place where men and women mature.  In this case the church has now crossed a line of demarcation and of no return.  We have been transformed through the crossing, which is a type of baptism.  A baptism always signifies a death and rebirth.  We as the bride of Christ just went through a baptism this last season.  We must die.  We must die in order for us to be resurrected by the Father in order to be reborn as mature sons.  Sons who can access their inheritance.  Many are trying to fight this process and they don’t know that they are fighting against the Lord.  The Lord is actually allowing the enemy to bring all sort of accusation to us, but be reassured that Jesus our advocate will make a case and defend us in all.  The price has been already paid. It was finished.

Just as we see the things escalating in the natural with the supreme court, remember we as the Bride are also at the divine court in heaven.  This is the for sure the hour of temptation.  This is the hour like Jesus told his traitor to go quickly and do what he must to betray the son of man.  Remember one thing, the Lord wisdom is higher than any men nor any demon or devil.  They are being baited and switched.  We are thinking that we are losing, but in actually if you knew the switch you would understand the purposes of the Father.

The Wisdom of the Lord surpasses that of men! Just as the enemy thought he won by putting Jesus on the cross; His death allowed the salvation of those who were dead, those who were living at the time, and those who were to come. All authority in heaven and on earth became His–Jesus. We now have access to the Father. The decision of the supreme court appears as a victory to the enemies camp, but in actuality the Trojan horse is inside their camps.Things will turn around! The Truth is unchangeable period! Faith is the substance of the unseen. Now is the time our faith is relevant. Now is the best time to say “such a time as this.” Now is the time to rise up as Joseph’s, and Daniels in the land of the Brave, and the Free. Now is the time we are called to live to a greater level of holiness. Now is the time to show miracles, signs and wonders. Now is the time to step out of the gray and into the blue. Now is the time to stand strong on your belief despite the popular. Now is the time to stand together as one body. Now is the time to unite as Christian; One Bride in Christ–Christ in the Father. Now is the time to roar as lions of the tribe of Judah. Now is the time to worship! Now is the time to fight the giants of ideological stronghold in the promise land. You think crossing the Jordan River there will not be any battles? Now the real battles to gain our inheritance matters most. If there are no giants in the Land then we will go against the wild beast of the field. Only what we can manage through our conquest we can keep. Only where our feet threads we can own. Problems arise in a generations for those who were born in that same generation to solve. You my friend are the solution to the present crisis. You my friend are the remnant chosen to make a difference. Fear not and be courageous, we shall pursue and overtake all…it begins with one step. One shout! Jesus! It is finished!

We are the salt of the earth. We are the light of this world. We are the solutions to these arising problems.  We were made to make the difference in the lives of the lost.  We must rise in the opposite spirit of what the world is announcing.

The pendulum effect

That’s what I call it. From one extreme to the other. Wether it’s One political left to the other political right… As I have mentioned before the Lord will sometime allow evil show itself and mature to bearing fruit so that those who are righteous will not sit in idle nor in silence. Courage is awaken at the sound and sight of danger. Fear becomes invalid in the midst of crisis to those who have been predestined to rise up and take their place as mature sons. When there is a perfect storm that’s when our generation and its purpose is really known. There are some that have been groomed from birth by the Lord; some in their passion for something that they are unaware why they are so passionate about, others that have walked through the valley of the shadow of death with many ordeals as a crucible molding them into someone they have only thought existed in the movies; yet others were plainly activated to react to one heroic act and those were just at the right place and time. Just as Esther knew deep inside of her that this was her time to either step up to the plate and standup for her people or remain silent and having to live in shame for the rest of her life. She trusted in the King of kings. She rose up in holy anger against her enemy’s and knew that if the one purpose for which she was born to do was to stand up she therefore stood up. Courage is found in the heart of those whose principles are beyond their own strength and wisdom. When the dots connect inside of your spirit and you know that you know that God as called you to stand as a Daniel in the midst of growing darkness you answer the call–and you pray. Sometimes we think we have to be something special in order to do anything; Jesus has made us all special through His own blood. He has made us seat in Him as He is in the Father. It’s time to implement prophetic words received and stop trying to find more for the sake of popularity. It’s time to act on saving our people from anailation And destruction.

Expect a major breakthrough between 08 August 2015 till 13 September 2015, we need to contend and invest for the release of the long awaited spiritual awakening. A silent church is a powerless church. A church with pride will remain divided, but a humbled and repented church will be exalted to unity as one Bride. We will breakthrough with the combination of prayer coupled with heavenly intercession and prophetic worship. We must be the one to birth our own revival babies and keep them nourished. It’s our responsibility. The spirit of discouragement was being released due to some prophetic words appearing to be delayed. Just like Daniel did when he did not receive answers to his prayers he prayed until there was breakthrough. The enemy will try everything to distort your receiving the inheritance. This is now officially a season of blessings for those who are overcomers. Those who are holy and maintain their lamp filled with fresh oil. Those who maintain communion with the Father and the Son through Him Who has been sealed in us since our spiritual birth. That which seems to be under attack is that which you will receive a major breakthrough. We must simply stand together on the prophetic released for our generation. Many have labored and prayed till now for this time frame. The great cloud of witness is cheering us on and seeing the fruit of their labor. We must not lose hope. We must see the unseen and release the invisible works to the forefront. We cannot let strongholds of humanism take a hold of the culture of the kingdom; it’s nearly impossible for an earthly kingdom to subdue an everlasting Kingdom, nevertheless we must stand.

Honor fuels expectancy in hope. We must expect Miracles, hearings signs and wonders being released through our very own hands. Let us not wait for another to do it when the Lord commands us to do it ourselves. Holy Spirit is in us working and release power to those who are bold and holy conduits. Our meetings need not be meetings of religious spirits mocking us amongst ourselves in our own gatherings. We must remove this fear of men and traditions of men far from us. This spirit along with the need for control has to be eradicated from our own lives and anywhere else. We must also stop wanting to be like the world in comparing ourselves to others by seeing who is more famous than the other. It’s doesn’t matter. Those who serve and wash feet among us are consider greater and worthy, not those who rule, dictate and demands respect through the use of titles. This must stop! This must end! We are appalled at what is happening outside of the church, but yet we are blind at what is living inside our own house–the church. How can someone with any kind of spirits enter a church and leave the same or worse than they entered? Some even unaffected by preaching nor prayer of the saints? Some even accomplishing a diabolical mission in the church by killing the attendees? The reason my brothers and sisters is some congregation have become powerless and involved in political nonsense. Saying that we are praying, but in fact we are doing nothing but adding to witchcraft.

We are at war and we must standup and fight with Radical extravagant holy worship that is express with the life we live everywhere. Stop making excuses for you past and start making decision to live a holy life so God can use you.

We go to our services on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s and we pretend that no one out there is being killed, not persecuted for the gospel. We meet and we leave without even praying for the persecuted church. The Lord wants to restore His church as a house of prayer and action. Our lives are not games. We aren’t here to just remain in comfort. We all have needs and wants. God loves us and He is not angry with us. He will do all that He has promised. We must simply trust Him.

Bride of Christ arise and stand to your place and stop trying to fit back in the world where we saved from. Unbelief is what kept the children of israel after being delivered from Egypt from entering the promised land.

Let the time of reversals begin now!

pendulum clock

The Crucible, The Metamorphosis , and The Worship Framework Released!

We have just crossed!

I remember several months ago the Lord showed me in a dream to watch for planetary alignments in this season signifying different shifts. During my research I only found two; one was exactly two days after the dream (February 20th, 2015) and the other was eight months later in October. My understanding naturally supernaturally was the first would signal the beginning of the crossing of the Jordan passage and the last would be the end. Apparently there was another one scheduled in God’s calendar for May 28th which I only became aware of after writing my first article “Wonders in Heaven” . Although the alignment itself was a surprise to me, what this alignment stood for was not. This was none other than the famous Gilgal process which is a cyclical and a place we visit quite often for refinement, growth pangs, and maturity.  Although I did understand that this whole season (5775) is a year of transformation, crossing of the Jordan (which is a type of baptism in itself) for the Church as an organism while at rest.  The Lord has done this before, where God placed Adam to sleep and formed Woman out of his rib, and again with the second Adam-Jesus on the cross went to sleep in the belly of the whale for three days and the Church was birthed.  It has truly been and still is a restructuring which means some leaders will be affected by this change.  This restructuring also includes the effective way we should attack to possess our land of inheritance.  There is a new model being released.  Position yourself to receive in the coming months!

Also, you don’t have to be a prophet to know that during the last week of May the heat was turned up in the stoves of our lives.  The Lord allowed the enemy to test our hope, faith, patience, and love in many areas.  The Lord was adamant on insisting the dross rise up to the top so that He can remove it, and His face can shine brighter through us as He finishes the refining process looking at the purified metal fresh out of the crucible. For our God is a consuming fire.Heb12:29 The Lord is producing and releasing mature sons in this season.

For He is like a refiner’s fire
And like launderers’ soap.
He will sit as a refiner and a purifier of silver;
He will purify the sons of Levi,
And purge them as gold and silver,
That they may offer to the Lord
An offering in righteousness.

“Then the offering of Judah and Jerusalem
Will be pleasant to the Lord… Malachi 3:2c-4a

Worship will be the byproduct from radical obedience of this transformation.  We are reaching and accessing a new framework of how we should worship the King of Glory on earth as it is in heaven.  The new prototype is at hand!

When seasons change we must learn to adapt to the new season and the anointing that is being released. For example, if you were in the river, naturally you will not stay in one place.  The river will take you to many different places, some shallow some deep, some rocky and some smooth–The key is movement.  Those who hear His voice, even when spiritual seasons change along with its prevalent anointing, are like those in the river adapting to the terrain that the river takes them to–momentum is key to movement.   We, as the body in union, are moving forward.  The general (Holy Spirit) has placed mechanisms in this period of time in order for us, as one body, to move as one. He is orchestrating the Bride to step into her predestined and preordained steps–whether we know it or not collectively. We have been going through a “partition” which I have also written about in a previous article [thierrynakoa.com]. These mechanisms keep momentum in the growth of the body to maturity.  The Bride will reach her destiny in time to be ready for the coming Bridegroom King—Jesus. The General is here with us to make sure that this happens.


Gilgal-the wheel  

We are at a crucial turning point, a place of the circle. This place is not only visited once in our lifetime, but many times. It’s a place where in our personal lives we either pass or fail a test.  We are at a place of process, completion and conditional-transition. We have just miraculously crossed the Jordan River–now at night, we are setting up base at Gilgal.

Gilgal reappears frequently in subsequent Israel’s history.  Gilgal is a place of many different memorable historical accounts; this is where the twelve stones were set up which had been taken from the bed of the stream; one of the places where Samuel judged Israel; it was also remembered to be a place where the second generation (that left Egypt) fulfilled the covenant of circumcision; they also left their circumcised skins in a heap to remember no more the past, but to begin to live a new life of circumcision and obedience—unlike the last rebellious and unbelieving generation.  It was also remembered as a place of the first Passover while in the Promised Land—Canaan. The circumcision entails a place of cutting away generational mal-tendencies and renewal covenant to obey the Lord. Religion and traditions of men are cut away and left behind.

Most prophets recognize this place as it approaches in cyclical manner.  They know it’s time of pruning for themselves and the body, so they remain low.  As it is a permanent place of reflection on our journey and progress with the Lord, it’s a constant reminder of our need to mature and become perfect in His Love.

One thing that is different about the Gilgal process we are all going through as individuals in this timeline is that we are all perfectly in alignment with each other as though the Church herself as one is also going through Gilgal.  Just as the Planetary Alignment on May 28th had multiple simultaneous alignments at the same time, we are also experiencing the same.  Usually most people experience their own Gilgal process in their respective seasons and their own timeline, but this one was peculiar in that we entered in corporately and worked cooperatively.

I strongly sense that we are at Gilgal in this very moment beginning April 2015 to the end of July 2015. A new beginning will spring forth in the month of August with surprises such as new financial blessings, economy, businesses and even new alliances being formed and solidified.

The purpose of the crossing of the Jordan was not only to enter into the Promised Land, but it was a place of transformation. The Promise Land is the place where we begin to battle, becoming mature men or women of God who live supernaturally from within and not from without.  This is also the place where the manna ceased the dependency to receive food supernaturally from Heaven, which indicates to me that they were no longer babies in Christ; they had stopped receiving milk from the breast.  Just as the baptism is seen through the crossing of the Red Sea, so the crossing of the Jordan is the baptism of fire and power and into a new life of grace. A life of self-control and bold-conquest; a place where we have matured and learned to leave the “lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—[which] are not of the Father but are of the world.” 1 Jn 2:16

We are in the last stretch of this season prior to Jubilee.  We are about to encounter a major release and justification of the Lord.  The Lord is about to release His final verdict and He will render His Justice which is His Mercies as well—in our favor.  We shall indeed recover all 1Sam30:18-19 that the enemy has stolen, killed, and destroyed.  Just Allow the Lord to complete His metamorphosis process over your soul, spirit and body1 Thes 5:23 Just like the first Adam and the second Adam (Jesus) were both put to sleep during their metamorphose operation–Trust is key! This season of super rest is a time when the Lord has placed us in a position of rest.  He is transforming our being to resemble the likeness of Jesus—after the resurrection.  You must change your perspective to that of the New Man.  We will arise and be revived as—one—the Bride ready to conquer the four corners with the Gospel with power of His presence.

What does this all mean? Jericho is next.

He, who searches the mind and the heart—The Word of God—will surely complete the work He has begun in you.  He is looking for overcomers.  Those who are born of Him overcome this world and its lusts.  We must position ourselves to understand the depth and height of His Love for us—His bride in waiting.  Our works, labor and patience are being weighed.   Waiting on Him patiently is one thing we are being examined.  We must surround ourselves with Holy Spirit in order for us to make it till His arrival for the great wedding day.  Those who cultivate the oil shall not be left out in the dark without light.  We must pay the price in our works, labor and patience for the coming of the Lord.  He is preparing a place for us with the Father.

The stones the Lord commanded Joshua to setup signified many things to remember for the coming generations.  In our timeline when we anchor our remembrance on the works and miracles God has done, we can always access His faith by looking at what He has accomplished before and know He is well able to do it again.

It’s time to attack! Attack with worship! 

Worship is fully matured after the heart has passed through Gilgal, a place of circumcision. A circumcised heart is a contrite heart positioned to worship. As a prophet friend of mine says, “it’s a place where if we do not heal correctly, we will die somewhere else from the bleeding.”  There is a key action in every season designed to release and open the door to the blessing for that season.   The Lord reveals it and reminds you occasionally to accomplish this divine task.  It may be a small gesture.  It may even be a sacrificial giving to someone.   One action that always breaks through, no matter the season, it’s Worship.  “Baal-perazim”, it means that “The Lord has broken through my enemies before me like the breakthrough of waters.”2 Sam 5:20 It’s time to attack.  We are in the offensive posture with our enemies in this hour.  We must attack with the weapon of the Promise Land—Rest, Worship, Unity, Repentance and Remembrance, Joy, Wisdom, Love, Holiness, etc. Our enemies are not from the wilderness, but foes who occupy our access to our inheritance.  Worship has been positioned in the minds and hearts of the leaders in this new season because it is in the will of the Father.  You have been seeing and will see many leaders begin to teach true worship in spirit and in truth.  It has not been a coincidence that the congregations, connected to the Heart of God, are moving the people to a greater knowing of worshiping the Lord.  As I have been seeing and proclaiming, the book of Revelation is, and will be, the key book in revealing those true worship strategies hidden in the heavens.  The Lord has been downloading many strategies on how to worship from the book of Revelation in this hour.

One scripture that the Lord has been highlighting to me in this season is Revelation 7:12 saying:

“Amen! Blessing and glory and wisdom,

Thanksgiving and honor and power and might,

Be to our God forever and ever.


I believe that this scripture, like the other one captured in the same book, shows the seven elements that our worship must include.  As we are seated in Christ in Heaven and we begin to release these elements, there is a dynamic boomerang or reciprocal effect.  What I mean is as we praise the Lord with blessings; blessings touch us and are released through us. As we give Him Wisdom, we in turn receive and operate in that wisdom.  Remember we are in Him.  We already have all these things, but as we recognize Him, His light shines over our mind and spirit and we know how to access and operate in them.  Through the worship is where we receive timeless revelations of His beauty and strategies for the hour.  A church that understands and practices worship knows the presence of God and executes divine instructions after worship.  The General is calling all churches to abide in worship.  It’s time we become a body with actions that produce actual fruits of justice in our communities.  It’s time that after we meet with the Lord in worship we do and accomplish what is asked of the Father. I believe that’s why we see “power and might” at the end of Revelation 7:12.  He empowers us with power and authority as ambassadors to accomplish His commands.

The purpose for all this is to remove God’s people out of the gray area and into the Light. This is the place where power and grace are enabling the people themselves to do the work as the Arm of Christ.  The Body as a whole is passing  growing pains, growing phase at the same time. The reassurance is that there is promotion at the end of this period based according to our report card.  We will see and know our results at the end of September, specifically Rosh Hashanah.  The goal of the Father for the Bride is for her to be holy as He is Holy.  Just as Jesus said; that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me. And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one: I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me.John 17:21-23

Be weightless in order to ascend! 

It is for us to be one just as Jesus is One with the Father. John 17:22b  We as individuals cannot make up an effective collective if we are not holy.  We must learn to be “weightless”, meaning “Let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us…”Heb 12:1b We all know by now what our own propensities and tendencies in the flesh are.  Especially ministers, we must minister before the Lord first, not be carrying any extra baggage. nor critters along in ministry; neither hindrance nor interference for ourselves and for others.  This needs to be a constant lifestyle.  We cannot rise up to the heavens being weighed down with earthly burdens, idols or strongholds since we would be as hypocrites. “Hypocrite[s]! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”Mat7:5 The place of freedom where the Spirit dwells is the place we must walk circumspectly Eph5:15 to remain.  This place is called the dwelling place an ever continual worship of the Lord.  In this place we have access to all the gifts of the Holy Spirit (that He has to offer) without any effort.  Even personal prophecy becomes the outflow from a life of obedience and extravagant worship; it stems from the compassion we have to seeing others experiencing all the inheritance available from the Heart of the Father for them– simply releasing the beauty of Jesus over others.

But we who believe, will go into that resting place of God.Heb 4:3a

If we really understood this concept of Jubilee we would capture why so much is going on this year…all forces colliding! There is a Crescendo in the spirit realm! It also means we have the opportunity to recover all. We can have everything, that was stolen from us, reversed even in the previous seasons.  We are on the verge of experiencing Divine Justice of the Lord in every sector of society in America. Hang on It’s coming and coming fast. Allow the Lord to position you, don’t fight the growing pains. The wineskin must be stretched to humility and open in order to receive.

I believe that there is a reason why the year of super rest (49th Shemita) is right before the year of Jubilee (50th), God wants you to rest in Him so you don’t mess up His positioning. He is positioning you to receive the Full Jubilee (reversals, debts canceled, Justice, Mercy, release, etc…) as it arrives.   Allow Him to do so and give Him all the burdens and worries to carry.  It doesn’t mean to literally do nothing! It means do only what He asks you to do.  It means give Him your issues and rest assured He will take care of it.  It means operate from a position of victory, a position of thanks-giving.  As we worship the Lord will do miracles on our behalf and the hearts of our enemies will melt and there will be no courage found in them because of our Father who is God above all.

For we have heard how the Lord dried up the water of the Red Sea for you when you came out of Egypt, and what you did to the two kings of the Amorites who were on the other side of the Jordan, Sihon and Og, whom you utterly destroyed.  And as soon as we heard these things, our hearts melted; neither did there remain any more courage in anyone because of you, for the Lord your God, He is God in Heaven above and on Earth beneath. Joshua 2:10-11

You’re either one or you’re not.

 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the LordColossians 3:16

 Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all long-suffering and teaching.2 Timothy 4:2 


You’re either a prophet or you’re not. You’re either an apostle or not. Don’t try to fit yourself into a category gift to the church. Jesus gave you as a gift Eph4:11 to the body or not.

You can have the prophetic gift 1 Cor12:7-11 from Holy Spirit and not be a prophet, nor apostle. A famous pastor or church leader, or just Someone may call you one and it cannot change the fact that your not. Never!

You can be a leader of many members and not be an apostle. Don’t add a title to your name. You’re either one or you’re not. How do you know? If you have to ask somebody other than God, then your not.

Those that are, don’t care what others think, cause they know what Jesus and Holy Spirit shows them everyday.


There are different stages (calling(1 Samuel 16:1 – 13), training,  (2 Samuel 2:1-4) and office (2 Samuel 5:1-5)) to the prophets and apostles. In Every stage you are either dying to self or in a position of humble service to the body. These callings are for washing others feet and not for fame and glory.

Most who have been in these positions have been in these processes for many years and not all are similar. Some are known right away other go through the Joseph process; either way we are not to judge. We just recognize the Lord in them, and stop hating but honor.

The greatest position of honor that Jesus promoted to be above all other is He said “I am the Son of God”. Be a son! Titles without function just makes you a powerless religious. And don’t call someone brother so and so in order to replace a title. Yes they are your brother, but it’s as religious to do so. Just call them by their name unless otherwise asked. Just like a mentor of mine says; “Jesus calls me by [my first name], so call me [first name].”

Humility is not adding to yourself and not taking away to yourself, but the balanced truth of who you are. Nothing more nothing less. Everything else is a lie and it’s religion. It’s dead and kills.

Nothing happens anywhere unless it’s happening in real life.

There is no such thing as a Facebook prophet, or YouTube, or whatever social media. Either people are being touched and changed forever or not. Theses mediums are only tools. A small reflection of ones life. Something we should be thankful to have as a privilege to be able to approach others minds and Hearts at the level of acquaintances. Tools that reaches beyond money and social boundaries–internationally.
Do not let the spirit of familiarity dishonor power and authority over the anointed people of God.

Positions in church buildings are alike. Nothing more nothing less. Get out from comfort zones of others anointing, if you think your special. Go out there and preach in the streets like Jesus did; people are dying for this very precious Gospel, for it to be reduced to mere politics. Everywhere the gospel should be preach with signs following.

These people are anointed because God made them so…God always honor the prophets and apostles and doesn’t do nothing on earth unless He shows it with His sons, friends and servants the Prophets and Apostles.

Be a son and not an orphan!

Wonders in Heaven


I will show wonders in heaven above
And signs in the earth beneath:
Blood and fire and vapor of smoke.Acts 2:19

Planetary Alignment

It was on the night of February 18th that I had a dream, and the Lord showed me a picture of planets aligned and the words “Planetary Alignment”. This was not just to discover two days later on the 20th of February 2015, there appeared planets aligned, but to signal and confirm a portal, passage or access to the heavens exists. I began to see other correlations to these planetary alignments dealing with ISIS, Islam, Israel and the Church. After some research and discovering that there will be another planetary alignment in October of the same year, it became an urgent matter. Please remember that most of this is based on my personal insight and foresight. Some I consider my own personal opinions. It will stretch some of you, your faith as it did mine.

The Gospel

I believe that these wonders in heaven are highlighting a beginning time period where the harvest has blossomed to a tipping point. With a little nudge from the collective saints Awakening will overspill worldwide. In other words, the actions the saints will take during this time will effect the timeline of the Church (Bride of Christ)–for ages to come. It is very critical that we position ourselves in the perfect will of the Father. The alignments even in the cosmos are screaming for us to preach the gospel so there is no excuse not too. The time is now! The harvest is ripe and ready to be harvested. The world is in need of the Light of Jesus, which we are in this world. Preach the gospel with signs following. No excuses! I really do believe that when we go preach the good news the hearer’s hearts have been marinated with prayers from the last one hundred years, and they will respond to Jesus with ease. It’s time to be bold like lions and release the Love of God on the earth so that we may be the signs on the earth.

New Leadership Model

There is a software update that is being downloaded by the General to the Church as we speak. This download is a major Operating System upgrade that the Church has being in need for a long time. This new model will bring in teams at the center instead of individuals. Apostles with true apostolic grace (power and authority) manifesting wherever they are sent with healings, signs, and wonders following.

They will be transforming cities and nations and in turn creating apostolic training centers, kernels or nucleus’ locations. These nuclei will appear to be like the ones in the “Acts of the Apostles” with a new kind of group leadership style. They will be strategy control centers in the regions, releasing prophetic and apostolic mandates. Just as a nucleus in biology these locations will store the hereditary material or DNA needed for generational successions. Many saints will travel to these locations to receive impartations to carry back to their house churches, fellowships and congregations.

The Leadership style will be like when a group of birds flies in echelon formations, switching from left to right to center, knowing that when one is tired the other takes the lead. The new generation will conserve energy by taking advantage of the up wash that was created by those who where forerunners before them, allowing them to fly efficiently. This model of ministry facilitates both our orientation and communication amongst those who are called. This leadership style will be based on the honor system originally designed by God as seen in a nuclear family. Jesus is the head. We are the body–Flesh of His Flesh, and Bones of His Bones.


The old leadership and discipleship model or style of Moses’ was rescinded with Jesus’ discipleship of 12 man in only 3 1/2 years and His ascension, culminating with the arrival of Holy Spirit (‘that which is perfect has come’ )1Cor 13:10, so why are we still following Moses model in our churches, tribes and gatherings even after the 11 (remaining) disciples of Jesus showed us how it should be done with Holy Spirit in the “Acts of the Apostles?” Do we not trust Holy Spirit leadership style through several leaders? Or have we forgotten that God-Holy Spirit is actually with us on earth as Jesus was–made flesh in us and through us? Are we not kings and priests in Christ? Are not the saints equipping and training supposed to come from all five-fold ministers (Apostle, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers)? Or are the saints only supposed to get trained by Pastors? Etc… Or is it just one of the ministers at a time? Leaders Stop bickering over “your sheep”, every time they change congregations (as though someone stole them from you) they are not yours but Jesus’ sheep. Brethren it’s time to mature and begin to work together as leaders training the saints for the equipping and perfecting of the body of Christ as One Body. We are now in the golden age for the maturation of the body of Christ preparing for His return, as it was in the days of Solomon’s Kingdom while at rest unlike his father David.


God doesn’t want His new wine to spill so He is releasing apostolic grace and double portion anointing since we are crossing the Jordan in this hour as a body of people. He is making room by removing some hinges in the door so there isn’t a closing of that door any longer. The Lord is making room for freedom without the religion and tradition of men getting in the way.


Israel and the Church

Of course everyone knows already of the natural reflection of what is going on in the body of Christ (spiritually) at large can be seen in the parallel time line of Israel, conjointly the heavens do. We must continually pray for the peace of Israel and in turn will reciprocate back to the body of Christ-the Bride-which was birthed from Israel. The Lord has always signaled the history of Israel with the signs in the heavens. There are many books written on this, especially those on the four blood moons, and how they relate to the Jewish feasts.

Power and Authority in pléróma

There are predestined Kairos moments in the time line of this age with predetermined timetable for a generation of people, which God separated to interfere in the affairs of men by releasing His Justice–which is also His Mercy and Grace. During these times He reveals His wonders in the heavens to show that He is interfering. He empowers the weak to defend themselves to render justice to those who have oppressed them in times past. One of the main purposes of this is to keep His own Words by responding to the cry of the righteous.Psalm 34:15.

The “One New Man” bible translates Genesis 1:14 as ; And God said, “Lights, Be in the firmament of the heavens, to divide the day from the night! Be for signs and for appointed times and for days and years!

Although men can change the use of their calendars and days per cultures and traditions, but God’s original calendar cannot be tempered with–the heavens and the stars. We should be very watchful, prayerful and aware of these times and seasons especially when they directly align and correspond with the Jewish feast.

I personally believe, in His Grandeur and Sovereign Majesty He has already worked through the entire timeline and rested. Meanwhile at the same time it appears to us He is still working because we are living inside of time, but He is outside of time. I believe that there are several fullness’ of times or pléróma[s] that are mentioned in the bible. Even though, it is the same pléróma word used. The fullness of time can be considered every day at the end of each day. The fullness of time can be considered also every seven days or the day of rest (which is the Sabbath). The fullness of time every 40 days and 50 days. The fullness of time marked by every seven years, which is known as a year of rest. The fullness of time in a human cycle of life in this age.Luke 20:35   The fullness of time marked by every 49th year or known as the year of super rest. The fullness of time can be also expressed in the form of generations, such as the fourteen generations from Abraham to David, from David until the captivity in Babylon are fourteen generations, and from the captivity in Babylon until the Christ are fourteen generations.Mat 1:17 The fullness of time by every 400 years. The fullness of time when a major prophesy is fulfilled-such has the birth Gal4:4, death, and resurrection of Christ. The fullness of the Gentiles. Rom11:25 When transgressors have reached their fullness.Daniel 8:28 Andthat in the dispensation of the fullness of the times He might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven and which are on earth—in Him.”Eph1:10 The fullness of time when Christ returns. The fullness of time when Jesus weds His Bride and dwells with us. The fullness of time when there is a new earth and a new heaven.Rev21.1 We are in the fullness of time in our generation.

Impartation from the Heavens

I also believe that the signs in the heavens are also pointing to the Lord signaling to those who are hungry now, and it is the time to receive heavenly gifts (apostolic gifts in power and authority) for the Kingdom manifestations of sons. When the times gets darker we shine brighter, and the Lord is imparting and activating power gifts, even due to increased persecutions. What I understood was what you began to cultivate and practice within the time period the sign in the heavens would remain with you to maturity- seed to trees. My suggestion is be hungry for everything and go out and practice or do the stuff. During the election season of men to endow authority, Holy Spirit is also releasing power gifts by grace; which will enable the restructuring of the Church to become the intended Bride.

I believe it’s also a sign pointing to a heavenly portal, for us His family to come up and visit Him in the heavens. I believe the hour is changing from 11th to 12th in these next few generations.

The persecuted church

During these wonders in the heavens I have noticed many Christians being persecuted much more than ever before during our generation. The persecutions of Christians in many Nations have increased along with the rise of Islam. These two go hand in hand. We cannot deny these facts nor be silent to the cries of the blood of the innocent for the sake of political correctness. We must stand for justice to be rendered. We must pray fervently for our family members. The innocent will not be martyred in vain. God will require divine justice for each drop of blood. What I believe is Some of these things were the revealing of evil so that the justice of the Lord could be released. In other words, sometimes in order for the Justice of the Lord to be completed, the fullness of evil must be clearly seen by all, and then God’s unfailing Justice will be rendered to the fullest. Sin must reach its fullness.”

In biblical perspective, I have heard this illustration; that Islam is to be liken to the spirit of Cain who slew his brother Abel. The same spirit that killed Abel the prophet is the same religious spirit they operate by. That is why we are seeing our brothers and sisters in the world being killed for just hearing the voice of God and obeying it. As the blood of Abel the prophet cried out to God for justice, so it shall be for those who have been martyred.

I believe that during this time of acceleration, which means it’s raining on both the just and the unjust. The unjust will prevail for a moment. I believe these signs in the heavens signify it’s their time to do their evil deeds in the meanwhile. Right before Jesus was about to be crucified darkness reigned for a moment. Just like when Jesus told Judas to go quickly and do what he must in order to betray Him.

One thing we must remember is none of the rulers of this age knew; for had they known, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.1Cor 2:8 The enemy is doing the same thing again today. Only if they understood that by killing one Christian, they do not know that one is as a seed planted on fertile ground which is required to produced at least one hundred more fire brand Christians in the land of persecutions. God in His wisdom allows persecutions to happen so that the gospel will be spread over an entire region with signs and wonders following. Remember in Acts of the Apostles, no one went preaching outside of Jerusalem until after the persecution of the Church intensified with the killing of Steven. Also one of their top persecutors, Saul then Paul, persecuted the Church, but when the fullness of time came; he became the main contender and defender of the faith. I believe that this is happening even now in the Middle East and other places. God will give some of the radical Islamist a Damascus experience and they will in turn, turn many to Jesus.

My speculation is that this year is a crescendo season (referring to the Jewish Calendar 5775-5776). It’s a season were all the forces are culminating to a peak or apex–a convergence.   It seems to me that ISIS and the other terrorists’ counterparts will appear to be increasing momentum in their destruction and success rate, but they will not avail in their mission. I believe that by October time frame we will maybe see them eradicated in their current path. They will definitely migrate their effort to a more stable environment; infiltrating Islamic governments and countries and try to push their agenda with a more mature avenue of approach.


October time frame there will be another planetary alignment in the heavens that will signal a major change or shift.

Luke 21:25-28,36 The Coming of the Son of Man

25 “And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring;

28 Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.”

36 Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy [may have strength] to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.



The Lord has risen Isa 60:2c and metamorphosed Eph2:1-11 those He has called before the ages of time Eph 1:4 for such a dark hour Isa 60:2a as this one, so that His Glory may be seen upon us.Isa60:2d


The Furnace Process

Those who have been serving, like Joseph in the house of Potiphar, the Egyptian master, which the Lord has chosen to bless that house in the inner courts and the field and prospering it for your sake;Gen 39:2-4 After a hard season of accusations, confusions and misunderstandings you lost everything and then Potiphar, your Egyptian master, had placed you into prison (a place of unemployment) and not just any prison, but a royal prison–in His Wisdom He positioned you. Your garment of freedom and favor seemed to have been removed for a moment and remained in the hands and the house of your accusers. Gen 39:2-20   Nevertheless, the Lord was with you and showed you mercy and gave you favor in the eyes of the keeper of the royal prison and everything you did prospered within the confined of your circumstances. Gen 39:21-22Although you were bound, you did not allow your circumstances to change your dreams. At the time you didn’t realized that your cocoon of suffering Phil 3:10 was your actual preparation and baptism of death to self, qualifying you to later fly. Here you realized that which was a stumbling block will now be your pedestal. The gift you have had from your mothers womb you practiced, but then when your character was molded through learning obedience by the things you suffered as a son Heb 5:8, you became ready to reign with Jesus in the royal heavenly places in Him. After decades of waiting in the cocoon of preparation– it’s time.



To fly there must be momentum; momentum is accomplished by remaining weightless Heb12:1b and with a pure conscience constantly in His presence. The sin that had easily ensnared you Heb12:1c in the past shall no longer be a weakness, but a place of re-strengtheningIsa41:31a, because when you recognize it you can Rest in His armsIsa41:31ab and let Him fight.1Chro22:9ab You have realized obedience is way better than sacrifice.1Sam15:22c You began enjoying the increase and the fruit of obedience through your suffering seasons. After your first jump of faith to flight, you allowed Holy Spirit and His Wind to carry you in His currents and propelled you to your destiny. You then realized that all you had to do was to straighten your wings allow Him to guide you.



Later, you found yourself in the midst of other eagles, where you realized that this is the place you belonged. “There is so much freedom here!” So you rose higher and higher in flight because of seeing others showing you by example how it was done. You then found yourself learning new things and received the grace of the others simply from being around them and enjoying the Wind with them. You became part of a new model, a company of birds flying in echelon formations, switching from left to right to center, knowing that when one in lead is tired the other will take the lead. You learned as a new generational forerunner birds on how to conserve energy by taking advantage of the up-wash that was created by those who came before you, allowing the flock to fly efficiently together. Honor and Humility in this ministry facilitated the move of God amongst the leader to be united as one. You saw Jesus present when your worked together with others, and made much progress working as one body in harmony.



The coat of many colors your earthly father gave you Gen 37:3 was only a representation of what your Heavenly Father has covered you with in eternity. The Lord God has covered you with a garment of Light as He covers Himself.Psalm 104:2 His favor can now be seen over you as visible authority. You have identified yourself as a son. A son of Light.john 12:36 A son of the Kingdom. Light has become your shield, your guide, and a weapon round about you. You are enjoying being a sent one. Shining His Light and Truth everywhere you go.Psalm 43:3 You now give light to those who sit in darkness and the shadows of death and you lead and guide others feet into the way of peace.Luke 1:79 When you stretch forth your hands to command, you release rays of flashing lights from your hands, and the hidden power of the Lord is released through you.Habakkuk 3:4


Shine bright my sons! I’m Living inside of you! Release my Glory upon the earth;

Now is the time!


For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth,
And deep darkness the people;

But the Lord will arise over you,
And His glory will be seen upon you.Isaiah 60:2