It’s a Time Start!!!

On the morning of October 16, 2018, I woke up to the sound of the eagle call. (Coincidently, I had a soaking cd by John Belt which was playing all night and the sounds might have been coming from one of the songs). I heard the voice of the eagle chirp high above the earth.  I also saw it in my dream as I was waking up. While in the dream, I then saw someone in my dream prophesying the words; “It’s a time start.”  I believe several things the Lord is saying through this dream. The eagle is symbolic to the prophetic offices and the prophetic members of the body of Christ.  I felt in my spirit the Lord was asking; have you made yourself ready?  Have you sanctified yourselves and your army for battle? For tomorrow the Lord shall do wonders among us.Jos 3:5 (Something huge is on the verge of bursting open) Have you yourself received strength to conceive your promise or Have you judged him “faithful” who had promised? —Heb 11:11

• • •