Preaching the gospel

We have professionalized preaching the gospel as thought it could be a field we can just elect to take classes on or credits in order for us to pretend we are qualified to do it (you are automatically qualified the moment you received Christ in your heart by faith). It’s the same thing that happened when Constantinople legalized Christianity and folks thought that they were automatically followers of Christ if they were Roman citizens or acquired citizenship. The kingdom never worked that way! The kingdom functions by faith. Jesus is the only one who gives you as a gift to the church–either as an apostle, prophet, pastor, evangelist, pastor and teacher. All saints have Jesus anointing to do miracles, signs wonders, heal, prophesy etc…that is just normal part of being a follower of Jesus. You don’t need to categorize yourself in being part of the fivefold to do something in the kingdom. That’s a lie! In order for the greatest awakening to be realized, the one that would never end, the saints have to be normalized (functioning in the fullness of the supernatural). In order for that to happen the religious leader must learn to let go. The saints must learn that preaching in front of a church is not the goal or the place of success while [gospeling]. Living a life expressing the fullness of the gospel does. There are so many folks in need of Sozo all over the world there is no need to run after the ones in the church buildings. Go! Go into the World and preach the gospel with signs following. Shift your frustration from not being let to preach inside a congregation to I’m focusing on leading unsaved to the Lord…I’ll preach to them. I’ll heal them. I’ll deliver them from all kinds of sickness and diseases in Jesus Name. Why ask Him to do something He already commanded you to do? You feed them, you heal them, you deliver them…are you not seated with Him in the heavenly places. Is not the Spirit which raised Jesus from the dead living inside of you? If you don’t know how to just ask the one living inside to show you.

• • •