Jesus’ Plumbline in the Era of Fire

Originally written  November 7  2020 at 1:55pm

These coming seasons are the “Times and Seasons” of His Power. These are the times when the Lord Himself will teach His Bride how to step into the “powers of the mature bride.”

This power will begin through the display of His power through His Word, specifically His prophetic Words. It is actually the decade of the mouth or pey (80)—His mouth in our mouth. His breath in our mouth. The creative power of the Word of God released through His saints.

All true meaningful prophetic words encounter real opposition, which is one of the first sign of a true prophetic word. One good example is Joseph and the Word of the Lord which tested Him until they time of fulfillment.

We must labor in the year of the Aleph; which represent both the ox and the chiefs. The chiefs apostles and leaders are arising to fill in the gaps. Many alpha leaders are emerging through this new beginning. We are in need of the chiefs as well as the oxen who are willing to labor for the harvest. There is an emergence of first worshippers, second intercessors, thirdly evangelists. These three will follow the leading of the chiefs apostles and prophets in one of the greatest end time forerunning ministry.

We are now witnessing the beginning of the greatest revival of all times. God has been searching and has found those who He has positioned has forerunners and remnants to conquer the land.

It is a time of separating the wheat from the tares. It is a time for separating the true from the defiled. It’s time to turn the corner in the building of this foundation. The Lord Jesus has just took out the plumbline and ruler to measure and release righteousness and holiness as the standard for this new era. The new era is an era of His Fire. You will know these because of the fire they carry. The prophets would agree with me that the last move was of wine and going deep; but the new one doesn’t let go of the old, it incorporated into the new wine-skins and adds fire to its repertoire.

As we have turned the corner in the reset, we are now in the age of fire. What does this mean? It means those who have gone through the furnace of affliction will arise to the occasion. It means His Fire is the new weapon of choice in these times. The wine helped us get drunk and seek Him in the soaking, but now we have a new weapon which will come out of our eyes as flames of fire and through our mouths as consuming fires.

God is a consuming fire in the mouths of His people.
It also means that the Lord will teach His saints how to engage with the heavenly flames of fires His ministering spirits—angels. We are to access power through their deployment and dispatching. We will learn to access power through His angels and workers togethers and partners in ministry for the kingdom advancement.

It will be a time when we learn the power of silence as well as the power of the spoken rehma. The decade of the mouth is giving us permission to speak when His breath is our mouth and to shut it when He is not.
The Aleph is also known to be the silent consonant.
It’s easy to speak when many are speaking, but it’s honorable to speak when it’s harder to speak, especially during times like these. God is teaching His saints how to persevere and stand on His Word. —to be continued… 😆