Sons of Fire!

There is such a momentum in the Spirit before the Head of the Year 5779 that looks like it will crescendo into something incredible. Could it be the Church is about to partake in another awesome move of the Spirit? Can you feel it? Are Revival babies about to come forth? Can you feel the Wind of the Spirit blowing? He is rekindling the flames of Love on those who are willing.  Can you feel the air charged with the Spirit of Prophecy—which is Jesus Himself? Jesus is on the move!

He is coming in now with His flames of fire ministering spirits—His angels.  A wave of His presence in a radical sweeping visitation is being birthed. This wind is blowing on fires. Sons of fire are being awakened. They are burning with the Fear of the Lord in their eyes. The fire of His Holiness is burning away all the dross of religion in them first then all that is in their path. The Lord is a consuming fire in and through their hands.

Holy Spirit is searching with eyes all over the earth looking for worshippers and overcomers. Those who have overcame this world and its lusts through Grace! Pour the anointing oil on yourself first and prepare to be a living sacrifice—holy and acceptable. Lay yourself as a sacrifice on the altar, with the water of the Word.  Let the Prophets and Intercessors call upon the God of Elijah to rain upon us with consuming fire from heaven to baptize us with His Fire and His Holy Spirit.

Are you positioned to receive? Are you ready to embark on a journey of sacrifice? Stay hungry and position yourself to receive fire and become a fire brand.   A torch and flame in your city and nation preaching the gospel without shame, but with power and authority.

All passionate lovers call on the Lord in Spirit of the fear of the Lord; Come oh God!!! Come and burn us!! Burn us with a passion! A passion of your Love!!! A passion for lost souls! A passion for holiness and His Kingdom!

It’s time to burn with unquenchable fire!!! The Sons of Fire are here!

A great awakening is released by the timing, power, and authority of the General–Holy Spirit. He is the One Who initiates all things, and also touches those who will respond to His call from deep within. Each person, individually, must accept responsibility for their positioning as a leader and as a Saint. We must set ourselves on fire with hunger, intimacy, and holy pursuit of His Presence.

A great visitation for a breaking out of an awakening is at hand.

Prayer and worship must be brought back to the forefront as the Ark of the Covenant. The Presence of God and our encounters with the Lord must be at the head of the spear. This is how we can cause the descent of heavenly truth and strategies to this earth.

There is a river of power that is flowing into the body of Christ right now…We must catch the current and dive in head first!  This wave of Glory is only increasing in power and might.  A mighty Grace upon Grace is being released to us now.  It will come by His Fires!


 “And Joshua said to the people, “Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.”Joshua 3:5 NKJV