A new threshold for a new beginning

I have a word of understanding for many of you who have been going through hell since almost two years ago. Things have been shifting for you and in actuality, things are much better for you than most especially the start of the pandemic. This is because the Lord has placed you inside the cleft of the Rock during the storm. We call this—His Justice. The way He chooses to release favor and judgment. Continue in obedience of the Lord and persevere till the end. This is what you call seeing “the light at the end of the tunnel.” Things are about to explode by the time you reach the threshold. In reality, you are being rebirth into a new man. A new office. A new journey with new abilities and dreams. You have just been unplugged out of the matrix of the old and into the new. Just like an eagle. Just like a worm to a butterfly. You have been metamorphosed.