I remember several months ago at the beginning of February 2015, I had several dreams revealing how the body of Christ was at war. I was grieved and didn’t know how to interpret this frustration and how I was supposed to make a difference.  After speaking to my spiritual papa, his counsel gave me wisdom and peace; he told me that we should be a people that resonate peace and not stir any fear, and that I would find a way to express myself to which I could bring hope and encouragement to the body of Christ–because I was that kind of person.  During this time I had received many more downloads from the Lord through dreams and impressions. I began to write. Today, many people have received comfort from the words written.

We have found ourselves in a collision course.  We are converging to a position of rebirth.  The are wonders even in the heavens screaming at us. They are telling us what time is on the clock. They are saying look upon us and focus on us and you will know.  When all the things seemed to be lost and going crazy in your life and nation. Look up! Look toward God who created the heavens, even light years ahead.  “Your help comes from Me” –says the Lord. He knew even before the ages of time, the days we are living in today.

Many are grieved, saddened, and confused.  I am here to tell you that these are the perfect conditions for the Lord to actually intervene in the affairs of men. What do you actually think is an awakening? Awakened from what? Who initiates the awakening? Us? I don’t think so (Although, He awakens those who will begin to travail, contend and pray for all to be ushered in).  The times when Holy Spirit was supposed to rush in like a mighty rushing wind was already predestined and preordained even before they existed; but they still had to wait, their hunger and love for their God still had to stir the heart of God Himself Who initiated it all. We love Him because He loved us first. We fervently pray what He has given us to pray. All has to align and converge as predestined, but we also have a part in co-laboring with Him.

In my previous articles, I have been talking about a major restructuring, transformation, and metamorphosis of the church in a way that doesn’t happen on a normal occasion.  I have been screaming from the rooftop that we have just crossed the Jordan with either Joshua or Elisha.  I had explained that this was good, but it won’t be easy.  We would have to fight the enemy in hand to hand combat.

The wilderness is a place of an internal conquest.  A place where men and women mature.  In this case the church has now crossed a line of demarcation and of no return.  We have been transformed through the crossing, which is a type of baptism.  A baptism always signifies a death and rebirth.  We as the bride of Christ just went through a baptism this last season.  We must die.  We must die in order for us to be resurrected by the Father in order to be reborn as mature sons.  Sons who can access their inheritance.  Many are trying to fight this process and they don’t know that they are fighting against the Lord.  The Lord is actually allowing the enemy to bring all sort of accusation to us, but be reassured that Jesus our advocate will make a case and defend us in all.  The price has been already paid. It was finished.

Just as we see the things escalating in the natural with the supreme court, remember we as the Bride are also at the divine court in heaven.  This is the for sure the hour of temptation.  This is the hour like Jesus told his traitor to go quickly and do what he must to betray the son of man.  Remember one thing, the Lord wisdom is higher than any men nor any demon or devil.  They are being baited and switched.  We are thinking that we are losing, but in actually if you knew the switch you would understand the purposes of the Father.

The Wisdom of the Lord surpasses that of men! Just as the enemy thought he won by putting Jesus on the cross; His death allowed the salvation of those who were dead, those who were living at the time, and those who were to come. All authority in heaven and on earth became His–Jesus. We now have access to the Father. The decision of the supreme court appears as a victory to the enemies camp, but in actuality the Trojan horse is inside their camps.Things will turn around! The Truth is unchangeable period! Faith is the substance of the unseen. Now is the time our faith is relevant. Now is the best time to say “such a time as this.” Now is the time to rise up as Joseph’s, and Daniels in the land of the Brave, and the Free. Now is the time we are called to live to a greater level of holiness. Now is the time to show miracles, signs and wonders. Now is the time to step out of the gray and into the blue. Now is the time to stand strong on your belief despite the popular. Now is the time to stand together as one body. Now is the time to unite as Christian; One Bride in Christ–Christ in the Father. Now is the time to roar as lions of the tribe of Judah. Now is the time to worship! Now is the time to fight the giants of ideological stronghold in the promise land. You think crossing the Jordan River there will not be any battles? Now the real battles to gain our inheritance matters most. If there are no giants in the Land then we will go against the wild beast of the field. Only what we can manage through our conquest we can keep. Only where our feet threads we can own. Problems arise in a generations for those who were born in that same generation to solve. You my friend are the solution to the present crisis. You my friend are the remnant chosen to make a difference. Fear not and be courageous, we shall pursue and overtake all…it begins with one step. One shout! Jesus! It is finished!

We are the salt of the earth. We are the light of this world. We are the solutions to these arising problems.  We were made to make the difference in the lives of the lost.  We must rise in the opposite spirit of what the world is announcing.