The pendulum effect

That’s what I call it. From one extreme to the other. Wether it’s One political left to the other political right… As I have mentioned before the Lord will sometime allow evil show itself and mature to bearing fruit so that those who are righteous will not sit in idle nor in silence. Courage is awaken at the sound and sight of danger. Fear becomes invalid in the midst of crisis to those who have been predestined to rise up and take their place as mature sons. When there is a perfect storm that’s when our generation and its purpose is really known. There are some that have been groomed from birth by the Lord; some in their passion for something that they are unaware why they are so passionate about, others that have walked through the valley of the shadow of death with many ordeals as a crucible molding them into someone they have only thought existed in the movies; yet others were plainly activated to react to one heroic act and those were just at the right place and time. Just as Esther knew deep inside of her that this was her time to either step up to the plate and standup for her people or remain silent and having to live in shame for the rest of her life. She trusted in the King of kings. She rose up in holy anger against her enemy’s and knew that if the one purpose for which she was born to do was to stand up she therefore stood up. Courage is found in the heart of those whose principles are beyond their own strength and wisdom. When the dots connect inside of your spirit and you know that you know that God as called you to stand as a Daniel in the midst of growing darkness you answer the call–and you pray. Sometimes we think we have to be something special in order to do anything; Jesus has made us all special through His own blood. He has made us seat in Him as He is in the Father. It’s time to implement prophetic words received and stop trying to find more for the sake of popularity. It’s time to act on saving our people from anailation And destruction.

Expect a major breakthrough between 08 August 2015 till 13 September 2015, we need to contend and invest for the release of the long awaited spiritual awakening. A silent church is a powerless church. A church with pride will remain divided, but a humbled and repented church will be exalted to unity as one Bride. We will breakthrough with the combination of prayer coupled with heavenly intercession and prophetic worship. We must be the one to birth our own revival babies and keep them nourished. It’s our responsibility. The spirit of discouragement was being released due to some prophetic words appearing to be delayed. Just like Daniel did when he did not receive answers to his prayers he prayed until there was breakthrough. The enemy will try everything to distort your receiving the inheritance. This is now officially a season of blessings for those who are overcomers. Those who are holy and maintain their lamp filled with fresh oil. Those who maintain communion with the Father and the Son through Him Who has been sealed in us since our spiritual birth. That which seems to be under attack is that which you will receive a major breakthrough. We must simply stand together on the prophetic released for our generation. Many have labored and prayed till now for this time frame. The great cloud of witness is cheering us on and seeing the fruit of their labor. We must not lose hope. We must see the unseen and release the invisible works to the forefront. We cannot let strongholds of humanism take a hold of the culture of the kingdom; it’s nearly impossible for an earthly kingdom to subdue an everlasting Kingdom, nevertheless we must stand.

Honor fuels expectancy in hope. We must expect Miracles, hearings signs and wonders being released through our very own hands. Let us not wait for another to do it when the Lord commands us to do it ourselves. Holy Spirit is in us working and release power to those who are bold and holy conduits. Our meetings need not be meetings of religious spirits mocking us amongst ourselves in our own gatherings. We must remove this fear of men and traditions of men far from us. This spirit along with the need for control has to be eradicated from our own lives and anywhere else. We must also stop wanting to be like the world in comparing ourselves to others by seeing who is more famous than the other. It’s doesn’t matter. Those who serve and wash feet among us are consider greater and worthy, not those who rule, dictate and demands respect through the use of titles. This must stop! This must end! We are appalled at what is happening outside of the church, but yet we are blind at what is living inside our own house–the church. How can someone with any kind of spirits enter a church and leave the same or worse than they entered? Some even unaffected by preaching nor prayer of the saints? Some even accomplishing a diabolical mission in the church by killing the attendees? The reason my brothers and sisters is some congregation have become powerless and involved in political nonsense. Saying that we are praying, but in fact we are doing nothing but adding to witchcraft.

We are at war and we must standup and fight with Radical extravagant holy worship that is express with the life we live everywhere. Stop making excuses for you past and start making decision to live a holy life so God can use you.

We go to our services on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s and we pretend that no one out there is being killed, not persecuted for the gospel. We meet and we leave without even praying for the persecuted church. The Lord wants to restore His church as a house of prayer and action. Our lives are not games. We aren’t here to just remain in comfort. We all have needs and wants. God loves us and He is not angry with us. He will do all that He has promised. We must simply trust Him.

Bride of Christ arise and stand to your place and stop trying to fit back in the world where we saved from. Unbelief is what kept the children of israel after being delivered from Egypt from entering the promised land.

Let the time of reversals begin now!

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