Holy Spirit Leadership Model- The Next Shift

Mount Nebo 

The old leadership and discipleship model or style of Moses’ was rescinded with Jesus’ discipleship of 12 man in only 3 1/2 years and His ascension, culminating with the arrival of Holy Spirit ( ‘that which is perfect has come’ ), so why are we still following Moses model in our churches, tribes and gatherings even after the 11 (remaining) disciples of Jesus showed us how it should be done with Holy Spirit in the Acts of the Apostles? Do we not trust Holy Spirit leadership style through several leaders? Or have we forgotten that God-Holy Spirit is actually with us on earth as Jesus was (made flesh in us and through us)? Are we not kings and priests in Christ? Are not the saints equipping and training supposed to come from all the five fold ministers (Apostle, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers)? Or do the saints are only supposed to get trained by Pastors? Etc.. Or just one of the ministers at a time? Leaders Stop bickering over “your sheep”, every time they change congregations (as though someone stole them from you) they are not yours but Jesus’ sheep. Brethren it’s time to mature and begin to work together as leaders training the saints for the equipping and perfecting of the body of Christ as One Body. We are now in the golden age for the maturation of the body of Christ preparing for His return, as it was in the days of Solomon’s Kingdom while at rest unlike his father David.



This season is a beginning season of surprises unlike any other in our current generation. Holy Spirit will begin to reawaken the gifts and purposes in many leaders’ lives-that lied dormant for a moment. The links and connections which we once thought were torn will be mended and restored-in His momentum.We will actually experience the knowledge of His Goodness, while His mercies working upon us as we Hope in Him. Changes in leadership style are about to take a major turn. Some congregation are already experimenting and experiencing this now.

Life Lessons

The body as learned many lessons from the old (one man) leadership style, and has seen the results of when those man fall; whether through moral failures of the one leader effecting whole congregations by breaking it apart;Or even some who just simply burned out, and can’t get up again in time to save the congregation. The totalitarian regimes will now begin to fade, and groups of leaders will rise as one man.


I also see that many debts and longtime burdens carried will be removed,and in their place replaced with-rewards. A full circle being completed, the harvest of all that we have sown in these last several years, this also means time to begin sowing anew.

Joshuas and Josephs

Hunger and fear of the Lord will be cultivated throughout the earth.  We will also see new faces leaders arising which have been in preparations for the last 15 years making waves and ripples in not only ministry, but other platforms (actors, sports hero, technology leaders, entrepreneurs), and even the market place as well. These will be working from both platforms influencing societal cultures. Although every year there is full of surprises, this year will contain much more than the previous ones.





Originally written  January 6, 2015 at 11:19pm on Facebook notes